Here is a small list of options that you can add to your Progressive Trailer!
Some of the options on this list must be used with other options..
(ie. you cannot order a 98" wide door opening with out ordering a wider trailer)
The options and adds you can have on YOUR trailer is endless, as far as your mind can take you.
If you want a full living room with satellite tv, XM radio and a 42" plasma or lcd TV, we can do it!
If you want the kitchen sink, stove and a bathroom, we can do that too!
If you can dream it, we can build it!


Please call or email for updated pricing on all options and accessories!


Awning:20' Mirage Awning 20' Mirage HD 110v auto/awning
Awning:22' Mirage HD Awning 22' Mirage HD 110v auto/awning

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Awning:Awning rail Per Foot Awning rail
Awning:Eclipse Eclipse 12v awning
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:.040 Aluminum interior .040 Aluminum interior lining (per foot) (7'4" inside to 10')
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:.040 Aluminum interior lining .040 Aluminum interior lining (per foot)(6'6'to7'4)
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:102" Box Width (per foot) 102" Box Width (96+" inside)(per foot)
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:2 Quad Shelf With Winch 2 Quad Shelf With Winch
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:4' front loft w/removable 4' front loft w/removable ladder
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:5' A-Frame length 5' A-Frame length
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Aluminum plate ramp extensions Aluminum plate ramp extensions 60" (Pair)
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Black/White VCT HD floor tiles Black/White VCT HD floor tiles (per foot)
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:C-Tech Aluminum base cabinets C-Tech Aluminum base cabinets (per foot)
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:C-Tech Aluminum Draw Section C-Tech Aluminum Draw Section
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:C-Tech aluminum overhead cab C-Tech aluminum overhead cabinets (per foot)
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Commercial grade grey carpet Commercial grade grey carpet (per foot)
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Escape hatch w/ interior ladder Escape hatch w/ interior ladder
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Extra height 7' inside Extra height 7' inside (per Foot)
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Extra height 7'4" inside Extra height 7'4" inside (per foot)
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Extra height 8'-9'4" Extra height 8'-9'4" (per foot)
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Extra height 8'  inside Extra height 8' inside (per foot)
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Extra height 9'4" - 11'3" max Extra height 9'4" - 11'3" max (per foot)
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Flat front wall Flat front wall w/top radius
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Full insulation package Full insulation package (per foot)
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Horizontal "E" track (10'length) Horizontal "E" track (10'length)
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Loft Ladder loft ladder
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Polished aluminum  plate floor Polished aluminum plate floor (per foot)
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Recessed floor storage box Recessed floor storage box
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Sheet vinyl floor covering Sheet vinyl floor covering (per foot)
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Spray-on floor lining Spray-on floor lining (per foot)
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Spray on lining 4" up walls Spray on lining 4" up walls
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Spray on lining color charge Spray on lining color charge
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Spray on lining Fender height Spray on lining Fender height
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Standard roof vent Standard roof vent
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:Walk-on roof Walk-on roof (16" centers) (per foot)
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:White laminate base cabinets White laminate base cabinets (per foot)
BASIC STRUCTURE/INTERIOR:White Laminate overhead cabinet White Laminate overhead cabinets (per foot)
CHASSIS/RUNNING GEAR:102" axle width w/ fendr skirt 102" axle width w/fender skirt (tandem)
CHASSIS/RUNNING GEAR:Beavertail rear 4' Beavertail rear 4'
CHASSIS/RUNNING GEAR:Chrome mod wheels (PS1) each Chrome mod wheels (PS1) each
CHASSIS/RUNNING GEAR:HD 12v electric front jack 3500 HD 12v electric front jack (3500#)
CHASSIS/RUNNING GEAR:HD chassis (per foot) HD chassis (per foot)
CHASSIS/RUNNING GEAR:Spare tire-Chrome mod 7000 Spare tire-Chrome mod (under 7000#GVW)
CHASSIS/RUNNING GEAR:Spare tire Chrome mod to 10,000 Spare tire Chrome mod  (to 10,000#GVW)
CHASSIS/RUNNING GEAR:Spare tire white spoke 7000- Spare tire white spoke (under 7000# GVW)
CHASSIS/RUNNING GEAR:Surge brake system 12,000 GVW Surge brake system 12,000 GVW
CHASSIS/RUNNING GEAR:Surge brake system 5000# max Surge brake system (5000#GVW-MAX)
CHASSIS/RUNNING GEAR:Third member chassis (per foot) Third member chassis (per foot)
CHASSIS/RUNNING GEAR:Ultra Aluminum # 164 Wheels Ultra Aluminum # 164 Wheels
CHASSIS/RUNNING GEAR:Upgrade running gear to 12000# Upgrade running gear to 12000# w/HD 16" tires Tandem
CHASSIS/RUNNING GEAR:Upgrade to brake axle-3500# Upgrade to brake axle-3500# (PS1 models)
CHASSIS/RUNNING GEAR:Upgrade to brake axle-3500# PS2 Upgrade to brake axle-3500# (PS2 models)
CHASSIS/RUNNING GEAR:Upgrade to Tandem 5200# axles Upgrade to Tandem 5200# brake axles
CHASSIS/RUNNING GEAR:Upgrade to torsion axle Upgrade to torsion axle (PS1) models)
CHASSIS/RUNNING GEAR:Upgrade to Triple 5200# axels Upgrade to Triple 5200#Brake axles
Doors:24" Entry door (PS1-models) 24" Entry door (PS1-models)
Doors:48" car hauler door 48" car hauler door
Doors:54" Side fold-down ramp door 54" Side fold-down ramp door
Doors:Custom 98" Rear door Custom 98" rear door width opening
Doors:Generator access door 28"x28" Generator access door 28"x28"
Doors:Upgrade to 36" entry door Upgrade to 36" entry door
Doors:Upgrade to 52" double entry Upgrade to 52" double entry door
Doors:Upgrade to 60" side entry door Upgrade to 60" side entry DBL door
Doors:Upgrade to RV window in door Upgrade to RV window in door
Doors:Upgrade to Screen Door Upgrade to Screen Door
Doors:Vending/canopy door Vending/canopy door w/props-3'x6'
ELECTRICAL:12Volt ACC.:12v 18" florescent lights 12v 18" florescent lights
ELECTRICAL:12Volt ACC.:12V Dock Light 55w 12V Dock Light 55w
ELECTRICAL:12Volt ACC.:12v dome lights on switch 12v dome lights on switch at door
ELECTRICAL:12Volt ACC.:12v electrical receptacle 12v electrical receptacle
ELECTRICAL:12Volt ACC.:12v interior dome light 12v interior dome light
ELECTRICAL:12Volt ACC.:12v back up light (2) 12v back up lights
ELECTRICAL:12Volt ACC.:12v optima with box on tongue 12v optima with box on tongue
ELECTRICAL:12Volt ACC.:12v roof vent w/fan 12v roof vent w/fan
ELECTRICAL:12Volt ACC:12v FantasticFan vent with fan 12v FantasticFan
ELECTRICAL:12Volt ACC.:Battery Mount Battery Mount
ELECTRICAL:12Volt ACC.:Charger PS12-10 Charger PS12-10
ELECTRICAL:12Volt ACC.:Clear oval lights (2) Clear oval lights (2) with switch at door
ELECTRICAL:12Volt ACC.:Dual HD 6v batteries Dual HD 6v batteries in boxs (A-Frame)
ELECTRICAL:12Volt ACC.:Electric A-frame jack 2500# Electric A-frame jack (2500# CAP)
ELECTRICAL:12Volt ACC.:Lifeline 6v Battery Only Lifeline 6v Battery Only GPL-4CT
ELECTRICAL:12Volt ACC.:Optima 12v Yellow Top Optima 12v Yellow Top Battery Only..D34M
ELECTRICAL:12Volt ACC.:Oval sealed clearance lights HD oval sealed claerance lights (14)
ELECTRICAL:12Volt ACC.:Polished Battery Box Polished Battery Box
ELECTRICAL:12Volt ACC.:RV battery with box RV battery with box
ELECTRICAL:12Volt ACC.:SVR 12V/100 Battery SVR 100/12 Battery Only Sealed
ELECTRICAL:12Volt ACC:12v VIAIR air compressor 12V Viair compressor with dual tanks
ELECTRICAL:15 amp motorbase plug 15 amp motorbase plug (no breaker)
ELECTRICAL:300 watt exterior 110v light 300 watt exterior 110v recessed quartz light
ELECTRICAL:4' dustproof 110v florescent 4' dustproof 110v florescent light
ELECTRICAL:A/C unit 13500 btu A/C unit 13500 btu
ELECTRICAL:Exterior 110v 15amp receptacle Exterior 110v 15amp receptacle
ELECTRICAL:Gen Mount on A-Frame Gen Mount on A-Frame
ELECTRICAL:HD 110 v breaker box w/30amp 110v breaker box w/30amp power cord
ELECTRICAL:HD 110v/12v converter HD 110v/12v converter w/auto charger
ELECTRICAL:Interior 110v 15 amp receptacle Interior 110v 15 amp receptacle
ELECTRICAL:Pre-wire vent for A/C Pre-wire vent for A/C
ELECTRICAL:Std. 110v recept package Std. 110v recept. package
ELECTRICAL:Back up camera Back up camera
ELECTRICAL:Carbon Monoxide detector Inside Carbon Monoxide detector
EXTERIOR:14x60 angled-tinted window 14x60 angled-tinted window with screen
EXTERIOR:Aluminum front ladder Aluminum front ladder
EXTERIOR:Aluminum ladder w/luggage rack Aluminum ladder w/luggage rack
EXTERIOR:Chrome Fender skirts Chrome Fender skirts (Tandem)
EXTERIOR:Chrome rear cam-bar Chrome rear cam-bar
EXTERIOR:Fold-out RV step Fold-out RV step
EXTERIOR:Gen set ATP Box Gen set ATP Box custom
EXTERIOR:Polished aluminum stone shield Polished aluminum plate stone shield
EXTERIOR:Polished Stainless bottom trim Polished Stainless bottom trim (per foot)
EXTERIOR:Rivetless exterior Rivetless exterior(per foot)(under 7'4")
EXTERIOR:Rivetless Exterior(per foot) Rivetless Exterior(per foot)(7'4"to10' inside)
EXTERIOR:Diamond Plate tongue box Diamond box tool box / battery housing
MISCELLANEOUS:3500# recessed car tie-down 3500# recessed car tie-down
MISCELLANEOUS:6000# swivel recessed tie-down 6000# swivel recessed car tie-down
MISCELLANEOUS:750# "D" ring tie-down 750# "D" ring tie-down
MISCELLANEOUS:Diamond plate 12" strips Diamond plate 12" strips
MISCELLANEOUS:HD Air compressor HD Air Compressor w/3 point air lines ran
MISCELLANEOUS:HD fold-out golf cart ramp HD fold-out golf cart ramp aluminum (loose)
MISCELLANEOUS:Removable wheel chock (bikes) Removable wheel chock (bikes)
MISCELLANEOUS:Toolbox w/roller bearings Toolbox w/roller bearings
WATER/FUEL:34 or 40 Gallon fuel tank 34 or 40 Gallon fuel tank w/pump to quik-connect
WATER/FUEL:50 gal. water tank 50 gal. water tank w/fill & plumb to bib
WATER/FUEL:Aluminum Fuel Tank 50 Gal Aluminum Fuel Tank 50 Gal
WATER/FUEL:Bar Sink Bar Sink installed (cold water only)
WATER/FUEL:Hi Flow fuel pump AG Hi Flow fuel pump AG
WATER/FUEL:Pre Fab Water & Fuel Pre Fab Water